Monday, November 17, 2008

time to update

Well, I have just started my third week off since finishing work and I have not even sat down to blog or read blogs - you would have thought I would have soooooo much time to sit, read and write, which I kind of do but I have just been doing other things with my time. And with an impending arrival that kind of takes a lot of your thoughts and energy, particularly at this stage.

I am officially 36 weeks tomorrow and had my 36 weeks check-up today and all is well with little Squiggly other than they have decided not to engage into the pelvis yet. This is meant to happen at about 36-37 weeks, the OB is hoping Squiggly engages soon but isn't too worried at this stage - I guess if I get to 39 weeks and Squiggly is still not engaged then we will need to chat about what to do! From now on I go tot he OB every week so at least we will be keeping a good regular check up.

Today I got to see our little ones face for the first time in a while - saw a nose, eyes and little cheeks it's hard to see everything now as I have one big baby inside me. At this point baby is about 2.7kg (5.5lbs) and measures about 45cms ish. No wonder I have trouble breathing sometimes!

Anyways - I thought it was time for an update. Will try and knock out a few more this week too in my free time ;)


Ben McLaughlin said...

good to hear how things are going nix. Praying for you guys.

Priscilla said...

How exciting! There is nothing like a new baby! Can't wait to see him/her.

Ruth said...

Soooo excited about meeting this little precious one!

Christine said...

hey Nix, thanks for your card, soo cute. Was nice to catch up. Will be praying for you x