Thursday, November 16, 2006

4 weeks tomorrow

Well folks, it is very quickly getting to the time when I get to fly home for Christmas, four weeks tomorrow we fly to Korea, we spend the night in Sol and then arrive in London on Saturday 16th Dec - and I can't wait. I can hardly believe it is already Christmas time it so doesn't feel like it. I am looking forward to getting that 'Christmas feeling' back, two Christmas' in Oz an then the Christmas before that in Colorado (cold but not England!). Today is actually abnormally cold for this time of year so for the first time I felt a wee bit Christmasy when I purchased my 'Gingerbread latte' from Starbucks - yum!

My beautiful friend who I lived with in Wimbledon, London is moving back to NZ after living in London for years, this means she will be in Sydney for 2 days in just under two weeks, I am so excited to see her and hang out. I am taking a day off so we can have some 'quality' time catching up. Woo Hoot!

Adventure Club is on today - very exciting. I will be teaching my little ones about Daniel and the Lion's Den - can't wait.. Please pray that it goes well, that the kids would listen and retain what we teach them and that we as leaders might be faithful and clear in our presentation of the God's word.

Happy Thursday!


Andy M said...

Nixter, I see you still haven't given up on Starbucks, nor on flavoured coffee!!!

Nicki said...

I am ashamed, I still have the places you told me about stuck on post it notes on my computer - but alas, I have not gone yet.

I will soon and I will post on it :)