Monday, November 13, 2006

it's a beautiful day and visa = granted

Tonight is the night that SP and I go with Mr and Mrs Lairdy to watch U2 in concert, I have one of their CDs playing in the background at work, I have just picked up the tickets from ticketek so we are now officially ready to go. I am so excited - it is going to be awesome... Check out Sam and Soph's blog for photo's

In other news:

- I received my spouse visa today which means I am free to work anywhere I like and in two years I get my permanent residency, the visa I have received now gives me all the same benefits as being a permanent resident... So this is very great and exciting news - thanks so much to all those who prayed for us regarding this. God is good. Woo Hoot!

- Craigs gave me a copy of Tabletalk last night, a signed copy might I add, so I am looking forward to reading through some of Luther's nuggets and sharing them on my blog - thanks Craig ;)

- 'It's a beautiful day' - it really is, the sun is shining, church was awesome last night - we have a lot to be thankful for.

- Dominic scored a touchdown last night (if you watch Australian Idol - you know what I mean). He spoke on 1 Peter 4 and did an awesome job, it wasn't too long, it was powerful and encouraging (listen here) - we also got to partake of the Lord's supper together - what a privilege to know that Christ's body was broken and his blood shed for each one of us and as Dominic said, Christ's death is a sad thing, as an innocent man died but it is also an amazing and great thing because it means sin has been dealt with once and for all, we can now stand before God as white as snow because of what Christ has done for us.

Have a fantastic Monday ;)


Lairdy said...

Can't wait too Nixter! CL just sent me a text saying it's a Beautiful Day:)

Catch you this arvy!

Woo hoot on the visa

SamR said...

Yay Nixter. That's a lot of exciting stuff happening! Enjoy the show last night. It was seriously fantastic on Saturday night. You'll have a great time!

Nixter said...

Woo Hoot indeed to the visa and tonight is going to be awesome - did I already say that?

Tonight is going to be awesome, tonight is going to be awesome and incase you were wondering, tonight is going to be awesome!!! I might just be a little excited - can you tell?

mq2 said...

yay for nix being one of us! :)

tonight will be spectacular..

we went on friday...

so much energy, buzz, emotion and random love!!!

"Where the streets have no name" won my vote hands down for best song of the night.... looking forward to hearing your best moment!

Nixter said...

I will be sure to blog best moment ever of U2 concert tomorrow for my lovely ms mq2.

Yeh again for my visa ;) It is such a relief to have it granted. Phew!

Tracy said...

I'm so happy to hear that your visa woes are over now. Congratulations!

Nixter said...

Thanks so much Tracy - it really is a relief :)

Lara said...

Is your copy of Tabletalk signed by Martin Luther himself?! :-)

Nixter said...

LOL Lara, better than that - by Craigs ;)

Ruth said...

Great news about the visa Nixter - but don't you Christian books are worth more when they aren't signed - because Christian authors are way too accomodating! Unsigned copies are much harder to find!!!!