Thursday, November 02, 2006

roaring lambs

Last night in bible study we finished our look at the first three chapters of 'Roaring Lambs', I have really enjoyed looking at this book over the last three weeks and I have found it very challenging in many ways, BUT I have to go to Adventure Club now so I will write more on the things that I have been challenged by tomorrow. Please pray as we look at another King this week - King Jehoiakim, pray the the little ones would continue to absorb and listen contently to God's word and we as leaders might faithfully teach and loving care for these beautiful kids :)


Vic Grace said...

Hi from Canada. Liked what I see on your blog. God bless

Ruth said...

Thanks for so faithfully teaching my boys at Adventure Club Nixter - they love you and the love going. They're all primed up for this arvo. Should be great. :-)

Nixter said...

Thanks Vic.

And Ruth I love teaching your boys - at church now - can't wait :)