Friday, November 03, 2006

drinking hot tea 101*

* by Nixter and Hannah

#1 - drinking tea is like breathing air.

#2 - drinking hot English tea is better than any other kind of flavoured tea.

#3 - hot tea must be taken with one sugar and milk.

#4 - or no sugar and milk.

#5 - with honey or lemon it cures sore throats.

#6 - it cures all evils.

#7 - to be taken with a chocolate biscuit.

#6 - many cups to be consumed during the day.

#7 - one to be taken before bed.

#8 - like air, you don't think about it, you just do it.

#9 - in summer is actually cools you down.

#10 - in winter it warms you up.

#11 - It's a girl's best friend.

#12 - you make friends over it.

#13 - it's a refined art; pinky to be pointed out, thank you very much.

# 14- tea from china cups make the tea THAT much better.

#15 - face it, the tea you drink at work is just not as good as tea from home, this is not a myth, it's just life. It happens to make you appreciate home time THAT much more.

#16 - not all English people drink tea out of a cup and saucer - Sorry!

#17 - tea contains more caffeine than coffee. It's just released at a slower rate....

#18 - saucers are only necessary when there is a biscuit in accompaniment.

#19 - If thou art cold, tea will warm thee, If thou art hot, tea will cool thee, If thou art sad, tea will cheer thee, If thou art cross, tea will calm thee.

#20 - At present there is no risk factor related to drinking tea and heart disease.

#21 - An experienced picker can pluck about 40 pounds of tea leaves a day.

#22 - Tea protects you from those pesky free radicals.

#23 - Country Percentage of World Tea Consumption India 23% China 16% Russia/CIS 6% UK 6% Japan 5% Turkey 5% Pakistan 4% United States 4% Iran 3% Egypt 3% Poland 1% Australia 0.4% Rest of World 23.6% Total 100%.

#24 - drinking tea out of a mug is perfectly acceptable.


Tracy said...

Boy, you Brits are falling way behind in the tea consumption dept. It's shocking!

I always drank my tea with lemon until I first visited Canada. When I asked for lemon with my tea, the waitress gave me a funny look. So I decided to try it with milk and I have been a convert ever since. (though I do prefer half and half)

lm1 said...

tea..... I like it black just like me coffee... but if it has a flavor like peachy or almondy then i will drink it with cream. real cream.

Priscilla said...

I like tea too.

it'sjustme said...

All of these are true - especially the one about the china cup. My favourite cup cracked recently. It was quite a task to find a new one (I got 6 of the same brand as my old favourite). Ahhh - all better.

Nixter said...

Glad you found the same ones it'sjustyou