Friday, December 14, 2007

bah, humbug!

I am sorry but I find Christmas in Australia not like Christmas AT ALL!

It's not cold, it's hot, it's not the same as England, it's just not right! I want to feel Christmasy but I just don't!

Ultimately I know that Christmas is not about whether it is cold out side or whether they play cheesy carols in shops. BUT, there is that feeling of excitement that Christmas time brings that I miss here in Australia. The familiarity of Christmas in England is just not here. BUT it's kind of good it doesn't feel like Christmas because then I don't feel as sad or miss my family as much as I would if it felt Christmasy and I was so far away from them!

I know Christmas not about the feelings and the weather it's actually ALL about Jesus the son of God becoming man to save his people from their sins.

Jesus gave up his place on the throne to die the death, death on a cross so that we might be reconciled to God, that is the best gift that we could ever receive - no matter where in the world we are we all need this gift..

In the midst of the 'busy-ness'* this season brings let's not forget to remember the gracious and precious gift of Christ. This universal message of salvation is the same whether celebrating Christmas in England, Australia, Indian, America, Indonesia or China!

* how do you spell 'busy-ness', is it the same as business?


ckjolly said...

wait ... it's christmas?!!

i know i work at Spotlight and sell heaps of Christmas decorations everyday ... but ... i'm just not feeling it.

i know what you mean ... how can Australians sing Christmas songs about snow, anyway?

kristina said...

It feels Christmasy here. The snow looks pretty, but I wouldn't mind trying to celebrate Christmas on a warm beach somewhere.

None of that matters. This year I am blessed to be surrounded by people who understand the significance of our Saviour being born. I am thankful for you too, Nixter.

Nixter said...

CK - glad you are understanding what it's like - it's nice to have someone who understands ;)

Kristina, I think you should come and spend a HOT Christmas in Oz, I am thankful for you too ;)

Crazyjedidiah said...

I feel totally the opposite to you, I'm an Aussie born and bred, and it would feel strange to me to have Christmas in the cold and snow.
As for the songs, we are having an Aussie carol night at our church on Monday - no snow.

Tracy said...

I hope that you and SP will develop traditions that will soon make it feel more "Christmas-y". (How do you spell Christmasy, anyway?)


Alison said...

I think the feeling of "Christmasy" comes from traditions and events that take us back to childhood and the magic of it all. It feels a lot more like Christmas to me when we spend it with my family rather than the inlaws, although I've been married long enough for some of their traditions to become familiar, which helps.
Maybe you and SP can find your own traditions as Tracy suggests - perhaps ones that remind you of Jesus :)

Bonnie said...

Check it out. I just Scrooged you. :-) Have a look...

Nixter said...

LOL Tracy, if you figure out how to spell it let me know ;P

I think you are right Alison and Tracy, we just need to create our own Chrismassy?!?! traditions. I will let you know when we come up with some!

Nixter said...

Bonnie, you crack me up..

Nixter the Scrooge! Love the dance!

Priscilla said...

I think it would seem really strange not to have snow and cold as part of my Christmas too. Hot, humid weather would seem rather bizarre!