Tuesday, December 11, 2007

our last sunday at church with pics

Last Sunday was our last night at our current church, we had a picnic during the day along with a few other people who also left on Sunday. It was a nice afternoon of chatting, eating, boiling in the hot weather and remembering how much God has taught us and grown us.

I will miss my church and church family but I know there are many people that I will continue to have great friendships with, who I will continue to see regularly.

I was a little sad during the last song, knowing that that was the last time I would be singing together as a member of that church but I am excited to see what God has in store at our new church, how he is going to grow us, use us and shape us to be more like his son.


Sophie G said...

is that charlie? such a cutie :)

Sophie G said...

ps... so sorry i missed the picnic :( I really wanted to come, but I had to get back to Orange.

Nixter said...

Yeah it is - how cute is he!!! No worries lovely, let's try and catch up in the new year :)

Ruth said...

Those two photos of you and Charlie are absolutely gorgeous. Both good looking people!

onlinesoph said...

fabulous photos!

I wish I could have been there - was at home nursing a migraine:(

Sam and I will miss you both, hopefully we'll still get to see you now and then.

Nixter said...

absolutely Soph, would love to have you over for dinner again in the new year ;)