Friday, December 28, 2007

tawny widemouth

After spending some time at my in-laws before Christmas we then spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day in Newcastle. We had a lovely time with SP's family.. I hope you all had a great Christmas yourselves..

When we got home yesterday SP was in our spare room and he shouted to me to come in. There on our window sill was a funny looking thing. At first I thought it was an owl but SP told me it was a Tawny Frogmouth, a native Australian bird. I had never seen one before and couldn't believe it was just sitting there on our window sill.. When I got close to it it opened up it's mouth so I could see right inside his bright yellow mouth. I grabbed the camera and took far too many photos!

He stayed there for most of the afternoon and then a little later flew up into the big tree outside our spare room and kitchen, I took heaps more of photos of him. Last night he was gone! Probably looking for food.

But now as I type this I can see him in that same tree - I think he lives there..

Apparently they stay really still so that they think you can't see them, this is what the 'Sydney Wildlife' website says:

"During the day they may adopt a sedentary position on a branch or fence where they will remain until evening. When disturbed they raise their heads and streamline their body shape to simulate the appearance of a branch."

He was doing that while on our window sill - BUT I don't think he realised he was in a very obvious spot where I COULD see him! Nice try though!

I love living where we live where you can hear and see birds!


Alison said...

How cool is that?? Great photos!

kristina said...

That is very cool. I have never seen anything quite like that. How big are they?

Here in Minnesota they just banned Sugar Gliders. People breed them for pets. They sell for about $200.

Nixter said...

I think that he looks a little bit like Yoda from Star Wars in a few of those photos!

He wasn't very big. But I guess a decent size for a bird. They are quite interesting aren't they!

Priscilla said...

Really cool looking bird! Very interesting!

joeks said...

Wow--I've never heard of these! It is SO unique--the yellow mouth, the tuft on its head. You got some great shots of it, and I loved your description of how it thought it was hiding!