Wednesday, January 17, 2007

furry fruit

My friend and I were emailing today and she told me she was having peach and yogurt.

Peaches = furry fruit = yuck. I just can't do it.

I mean I love the taste of the inside of a peach but I just can't do the furry bit, so I just have myself nectarines instead, just like peaches but NO fur.... Kiwi's are the same in the fur stakes too. Great inside but nasty and furry outside. Does anyone else understand where I am coming from?

Anyhoo, being summer it is a great season for fruits and in no particular order here are some of my favs, obviously peaches didn't make the list due to the fur.

1. Banana's (thank the Lord they have come down considerably in price)
2. Strawberries
3. Cherries
4. Nectarines
5. Apples (not the really sour ones though)
6. Blueberries
7. Grapes
8. Oranges/Tangerines
9. Mangoes
10. Pineapple

These are my top 10 as of today. What are yours?


Tracy said...

You silly girl, just peel your peaches first. You can easily peel a peach by dipping it into boiling water for a moment. Then the peel just comes right off.

My favorite fruits are berries, raspberries are the best, strawberries, marionberries (a bit unique to Oregon state I believe). I like bananas as well.

Nixter said...

Thanks for the tip Terrific Tracy. You rock. I have never heard of a marionberry?!?!?!

Lairdy said...

TOTALLY don't agree with you Nixter. Peaches are my number 1!

Tracy said...

When you come to visit me, I will feed you marionberries.

Kate P said...

In England we have the most delicious bananas that come from Costa Rica and anywhere else that's hot... Glad to hear that bananas are finally affordable again.

I must say though that Mangoes are my top fruit. Missing the Sydney fruit festival and the smell of yummy ripe peaches!!!!!

Nixter said...

But Lairdy - they are furry!!!

Nixter said...

Hey lovely Kate P. Good to see you on my blog, sorry you are missing the fruit over here, how long have you got left in good ole England?

ps The bananas are good aren't they!

pps yummy ripe FURRY peaches

Andy M said...

Nuthin' wrong with peaches.

Fresh fruit is one of my favourite things about summer too. My faves are mangoes, nectarines and peaches. There's nothing like sitting on a hot summers day in the backyard with a sloppy, juicy, sticky mango, eating it's delicious flesh and getting it all over your face and hands. Our kids have learnt to love them too. I've got my beautiful wife to thank for teaching me to appreciate mangoes, one of the first things I learnt from her when we first started going out.

Nixter said...

I have eaten a few mangoes since I have been back and my hubby made a banana and mangoe smoothie the other night = yummo.

He also taught me the art of cutting them up - simple but effective and can you believe I never knew how to do it. They don't teach you these things in England!

Still got it all over me though!

Laura said...

Super random question, but bananas are expensive there? They are by far the cheapest fruit, which is one reason I don't like them. Cheap = ate tons as a child and in college = sick to death of them.

My neighbors two doors down growing up had raspberries in their garden, and we'd risk life and limb climbing into the brambles (thorns - ouch!) and eat them until we were practically sick.

Nixter said...

Bananas are pretty much back down to there normal price now.

Our neighbour had a gooseberry tree in her garden = not worth risking life and limb for, but we were kids so we did.

My Gran used to take me strawberry and blueberry picking, I used to eat more than I put in the baskets :)

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