Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I hate good-byes

It has been a while since I have been in the blog world, I have scanned a few blogs since I have been here but not really got to sit down and write as we have been having a busy busy time here in England. We just today said sad good-byes to my Dad and my little sisters in Worcester and we are now back in London, once again staying with my old house mate and her hubby in my old house. I hate saying good-byes it breaks my heart, I think it is especially hard this time as we have yet to set some dates for when we are next going to see each other - that makes it harder. We can't just say "see you in December" as we haven't organised a time yet. I think we will try and do that in the next few months so we have the next trip to look forward too. Needless to say there have been many tears shed last night saying good-bye to my Nan and Gan-Gan and today saying bye to Dad and the girls. My Mum and Jules are coming to London on Saturday to take us to the airport and see us off, which will be nice :)

We spent some good time with family in Worcester over Christmas and New Year - it was good to catch up and hang out with all my family. We took SP to the Malvern Hills (but it rained), out around Worcester, to the beautiful Cotswold's and out to some traditional pubs to sample local ales..

Back in London we plan to do a few things before we leave. Today we met up with an old friend who has been living in Bosnia for 2 years, we had Lebanese food and then went to Starbucks for old times sake. It was so good to see Kendra and hang out with her in London. We just arrived back in Wimbledon and I am currently looking for some tickets to go and watch Les Miserables in the West End tomorrow (actually I am currently blogging and looking at tickets at the same time). I regretted not seeing Les Mis when I used to live here and when I came back last year, so my lovely hubby said we can go, if we can find reasonable tickets of course. We plan on going around London to get some pictures - SP wants to take some with his fancy camera so we can get some blown up and put them on the walls.

Anyhoo, I do have photos but I have been bad about downloading them from the camera to the computer - but maybe after dinner I will get to post some pics. My wonderful hubby is cooking dinner for us so must away, I am sure I have so much more to tell you sowill keep thinking and writing it as it comes to me.

Hope you all had an awesome New Year.


emily said...

I hate good-byes too. I had to do that today as I left Iowa to come back to Austin. I cried. I'm not sure when I will be back to see my family, so that does make it harder. I'm feeling it with ya sister! Look forward to seeing pictures of your trip! Happy New Year!

Tracy said...

It will be nice to have you back, though sad for you to leave your family. I look forward to the pictures. I have just downloaded mine and will soon make a slideshow. So at least you have THAT to look forward to. :o)