Wednesday, January 31, 2007

wrong way go back

I have always found it quite funny since living in Australia that they have a road sign for people who have taken a wrong turn and are going down the road the wrong way, the sign says "Wrong way, go back". I thought this was hysterical when I first saw it and still find it amusing. As I was on the bus yesterday I was thinking about that and how in our walk with God, we too can often be going the wrong way...

I guess if you go the wrong way on the road and you see that sign 'Wrong way, go back' you have 2 choices. Listen to what the sign says and turn around 'go back' OR keep going and see what dangers are ahead. As with our walk with God, we can continue down the wrong way - I feel like I have been going down this road a little, not even in a HUGE way but just in little things. Forgetting to talk to God in prayer, not reading my bible, not trusting God, not bringing things to God and I really miss it. Some of these things are not commanded of us BUT they are things that draw us closer to God and keep us going the 'right way'.

So when I saw that sign yesterday it made me think about my relationship with God, am I trusting him with all that I am and all that I have? Am I talking to him regularly in prayer? Am I reading his word to hear what he has to teach me? Now I am aware that all of these things don't make me right with God but they are the things that keep me focused on God. My prayer is that I might go back and turn to the one who made me, who loves me, who died for me and who will one day return to give us eternal life.


Priscilla said...

Here in America the signs just say "Wrong Way" does tat mean it is up to the individual to either turn back or keep going? Interesting.

I take it you are feeling better.

Nice analogy.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the reminder, Nixter. That's neat that God took that moment to speak to your heart.