Monday, May 14, 2007

10 days to 30

I am counting down the days until I turn the big '3 0'. I am fine with being in my 30's, at least I am at the moment as I am still in my 20's, just!

My 20's have brought about many changes in my life, many roads travelled but I have enjoyed them and I look forward to seeing what my 30's have in store, where they might take me and who they might bring into my life.

bye bye 20's, hello 30's - Bring it on!


Ash said...

Happy Early Birthday!

I'll be gone on your birthday so I'm liable to forget! ;) Hope you have a nice day when it gets here!

Nixter said...

Thanks lovely, sorry I just left from gmail earlier - I just wasn't thinking ;)

Ash said...

That's OK, no biggy!

Jenni said...

Well Happy Birthday in advance!!! Hope you have a wonderful day...enjoy your special day!!!!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday from me too. I hope you have a lovely one.

I saw you tried to Skype me last night. The good news is that Skype is staying open on my 'puter now. The bad news is that I'm not always here. It goes to saying that I'm asleep when I'm not at the computer.