Friday, May 18, 2007

trip to the zoo

Yesterday I went to the zoo with Ruth and two of her beautiful boys, the two youngest 'c' and 'd'. This was my third time to the zoo and two of those times have been with the lovely Ruth. I had so much fun, these guys get to go to the zoo a lot and this makes them wonderful 'zoo' guides, they also know all about the animals. The zoo is big and so I had no idea where we had to go and the chances of me getting lost were probably about 99.9% but Ruth and the boys know EXACTLY where to go so I just followed the 'pros'.

This time around we went to see the Australian animals section, we went to see the amazing birds in the avery, we saw the elephants (very cool and very big) and we had chips for treats (fries) -which the boys were very excited about. I also got to see some monkeys (of the Kookaburra variety - don't ask!). I took some cool photos which I will post up later or tomorrow.

It was a fun fun fun day out and I had a really great time, I look forward to doing it again soon.

Thanks Ruth and the boys ;)


Bonnie said...

wow, I wish I had a week day off so I could go. I love the Zoo!

On an altogether different topic:
I want to change the header on my Blog: Any tips for how I can get one I've designed up there?

Ruth said...

Thanks Nixter - we had sooo much fun too. The boys adore you - as do I !!

We have to do it again often. The boys and I seem to be going weekly at the moment! It's such a cheap and easy outing for us - and they have soooooooooo much energy. Let's go again before the baby comes.