Thursday, May 24, 2007

Birthday Trivia

I have had many a phone call and message this morning for my birthday - thanks everyone. I also got my annual 'Ruth and the boys' call where they sing me lots of birthday songs and then each wish me Happy Birthday - very very cute, it seems not that long ago since they were doing it for me last year.

Just for fun here is a little birthday quiz for you all:

1. What time did I get my first birthday message this morning?
a. 3.30am
b. 5.30am
c. 7.30am

2. At my 5th birthday party what did I do?
a. Broke my leg
b. Cut my head open
c. Vomited all over my cake

3. On my 13th birthday did I?
a. Have an extremely bad hair do
b. Have my forehead burnt by curling tongs
c. Both a and b

4. What did Scott get me for my birthday?
a. Kitten
b. Laptop
c. A whole bunch of stuff

5. What is the best month to have a birthday?
a. May
b. May
c. May

6. What did I get from work as a birthday present?
a. Chocolate Licorice Bullets - (because I am a gun!)
b. Flowers
c. Other

7. How old am I turning today?
a. 29 - I wish
b. 30
c. 40 as it says on my birthday card from work

8. Who's birthday is it tomorrow?
a. My Mum's
b. My Dad's
c. My sister's

9. Who is older?
a. Nixter
b. SP
C. Methuselah

10. What is the best thing about birthdays?
a. Cake
b. Getting older
c. Cake


SamR said...

My answers:

5) d other
10 a or c

onlinesoph said...

hmmm...not sure, except about the methusalah and cake question!

Happy birthday Nixter!!

David said...

happy birthday

dominic said...

Dear Nixter,

I missed you at kids club. So happy birthday on the net.



Jo Harris said...

Hi Nixter,

Sorry, this is too hard. I can't decide between a and c on question 10.

Love Jo xx

Guthers said...

happy birthday!

Nixter said...

All will be revealed on monday - I am away at the mo - but will reveal all. Thanks for the birthday messages ;)

kristina said...

Happy Birthday! I hope it was fabulous!

Tracy said...

Your birthday phone call from Ruth and the boys sounds great.

I'm looking forward to the answers to the quiz. Happy Birthday (late)!

Martha said...

1. b 5:30 am
2. c Vomited all over my cake (eeewww!)
3. c Both a and b, Have an extremely bad hair do, Have my forehead burnt by curling tongs
4. b Laptop
5. May
6. a Chocolate Licorice Bullets
7. b 30
8. a. My Mum's (I cheated)
9. a. Nixter (who is Methusalah? I'm assuming you don't mean the one in Genesis...)
10. a. Cake,c. Cake

Do I win a prize?