Wednesday, May 23, 2007

proverbs 31

Ruth wrote some thoughts on the woman in Proverbs 31 and I just had a conversation with SB who works at our church about it too. It was really interesting looking at it and learning some new things and thinking though what does being a Proverbs 31 women/wife look like for us now?

I guess the thing I am currently wondering is what does it mean that she considered a field and then brought it?

She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard. Proverbs 31:16

She obviously earned her own money but whatever her or her husband earns belongs to them both - so does consider mean - she spoke to her husband before buying the field? I can't imagine buying some property or land without checking with SP first.

I know times were different then and maybe that was the responsibility her and her husband had discussed would be her role.

I also wonder what a 'bad day' look like for the Proverbs 31 women?? Maybe she didn't have any ;)


RodeoClown said...

I read one commentary that suggested the woman may be a metaphor for wisdom (as at the beginning of Proverbs).

In which case, the woman who considers a field and buys it could well be a (wise) man...

Nixter said...

Rodeo long time no speak.

Hmmm interesting I will have a think about that ;)

ruth said...

Although the woman could be a metaphor for wisdom - and indeed wisdom is female in the early chapters of proverbs - I don't see how you can get past some of the verses that clearly show it's talking about a wife. Although I could easily agree that finding a good wife is like finding wisdom! :-)

I've always thought that the considering the field was saying that she was careful, thoughtful, not impetuous. The end of the passage talks about her husband having complete trust in her - so I assume she wouldn't necessarily have to speak to him first - although as you said, Nixter - I don't think that would mean that it's 'her' field, and not his, IYKWIM.

I wouldn't buy real estate personally without seeking AB's thoughts - but I also don't have an independant income source from Andrew - he earns the money for our family. I would imagine that even if I did earn money, I wouldn't go ahead without his input.'

I've just always thought the considering has more to do with being wise and careful - rather than the field purchase without husband advice.

Alison said...

This in an interesting one. I too would not consider buying real estate without discussing it with my husband, but reading through the whole chapter of Proverbs it does sound to me like the wife operates independently and responsibly, and her husband trusts her to do so because she brings him good not harm.

I suppose the meaning I focus on for my own application is the way she does things, not so much the specific things she does. Her overriding concerns seem to be bringing honour to her husband by being industrious and responsible, and to look after the needs of others.

RodeoClown said...

When I said it was a possibility, that's all I meant.

I think it also works perfectly well talking about a real (hypothetical) woman :)

onlinesoph said...

I think it means that she is wise, and puts her money to good use rather than squandering it.

The thing I've been challenged most with since getting married is not spending money without talking about it with Sam. It probably doesn't matter when it comes to food and little things, but items like buying clothes or books, which are a little more's hard to get into the habit.

Nixter said...

I am the same Soph, it is really a change, I have more thoughts and wil write them on Monday when I get back. I was so busy at work yest that I didn't have time to reply ;)