Thursday, May 03, 2007

life and stuff

Yesterday was a bus busy busy day at work, I had a meeting from 8am-12.30pm with a 'Fundraising Company' who are helping us out with the do's and do not's of fundraising. The guy who owns the company is American and he comes out every 3 months to meet with his Aussie clients, so yesterday was our first meeting with him. He has a team in Australia who heads up the Aussie leg of his company. We started working with them a few months ago and it's been really exciting learning so many things from them, then on the camp on the weekend away we just had - the Aussie manager who we work most closely with he was there on the camp with his church too what a small world... Anyhoo, I am excited to see how God might use their knowledge and skills to help our ministry... I know that God can do immeasurably more than we could ever imagine and he actually doesn't even need a fundraising company to help but maybe this is his means to train and equip us.

Last night was bible study, we had a really good night we finished the book of 2 Thessalonians. SP did a great job of leading us through it and it was a delight to have the new people I was talking about in a previous post join us. They have experience and insight and it was great to be able to share that. Our church has a lot of young people, early 20s to early 30s so it is lovely to have a slightly older couple to listen too, SP and I would be considered one of the 'older' couples in our church..... I love our bible study group... One of the girls in our group who we have been driving to church, bible study and church camp gave us a little present last night for driving her around - how sweet. She has a detached retina (YOUCH) nearly 6 weeks ago so after surgery wasn't allowed to drive.

Today is......... 'Thursday Day Off' day and I am going to have my hair cut - WOO HOOT!!! Not short though! Will post a pic if is is worth posting, just depends what she does... Also Adventure Club starts back today - I can't wait to see the kids. Please pray that God may bring back lots of kids especially new ones and the ones that weren't around last term.


Ash said...

Question....How come you don't look to happy in your profile picture?

Nixter said...

LOL I was trying to be 'arty'. So arty in this case = doesn't equal happy.

But I am happy ;)

Haven't seen you on Skype in a long while?? Where you been?

Ash said...

Haven't been on Skype...what are you talking about!?! I am logged in every hour my computer is turned on!