Friday, May 04, 2007

tv shows I am watching

These are the top shows SP and I have been watching lately:

24 - I have been a bit disappointed with 24 this season, I don't know whether it is because it isn't as good as all the other seasons or whether I am over the same themes and predictability of it all. It is still OK but I am just not as into it as much as I normally am. 7/10

Heroes - I am loving this show, it is a really great concept and keeps you on your edge of your seat. I just hope it doesn't drag on and on. But so far so good and little snipets get revealed to you each week. 10/10

Amazing Race - SP asked "isn't it just about the race?" BUT on no, it's about the relationships. I just love watching how the couples relate to each other in different circumstances, I also like that they travel the world so you get to see all the different countries they visit. I loved it when they went to the UK and were in London, I got see some of my home land and they were also around Greenwich and the Millennium Dome - where I used to catch the tube to work. 9/10

AFL - It's back on TV and SP loves it, I also love to watch most sports so if we are around on the weekend and there is a game on, we watch it.

What are you watching?


kristina said...

I watch tv sometimes but I haven't been watching any show weekly. I like Medium and Men in Trees, but rarely see them because I have been working nights. I recently rented the Alias series. Heroes and Lost are two shows I think I would like. Maybe 24 too.

mike said...

What about Prison Break????

Nixter said...

I never got into Medium but at times wish I had, looks a little scary though ;)

Mike, we started watching series 1 but then ended up missing a bunch and have not really go into it since. There are a few shows that I wished I had watched from the beginning:

Lost, Prison Break and Grey's Anatomy.

Matt & Kate said...

We love Lost, Heroes and 24. Jack is the man. Heroes is cool but has the potential to be frusting in the vein of Lost (not yet though - still cool).

Nixter said...

Yeah that's what I was thinking Matt and Kate, hence my comment of dragging on and on. Let's hope it doesn't go down that path.

Jack is da man indeed, SamR did a sermon which included a lot of Jack Bauer analogies = very cool!

kristina said...

I should watch 24. My fav series ever was La Femme Nikita which was a cheesy soap opera spy show. (I don't know any guys who liked it.) It was produced by the same people who made 24. They used some of the same actors and storylines.