Monday, May 21, 2007


No not for you, it was for me....

On Saturday night SP had organised a little surprise party for my 30th (I am still in my 20's - clinging on for another 48 hours) It was lovely and although I did start to suspect something during the day I didn't know all the details until I arrived at my house to SURPRISE!!!!! Lots of party poppers, purple (my favourite colour) balloons, yummy food and lovely friends made for a wonderful night. My hubby did a great job and as someone said - he deserves an Academy Award.

We had a busy but lovely weekend, we had brekkie with our friends who had twins a couple of months ago - they are getting SO big and cute, we then went to watch 'Spiderman 3' (will write more on this later). We met my friend at a Belgian Beer place - she was the dee-coy (her name is Dee) and then we got back to our house and it was party time... We had about 18 people over from church and it was fun fun fun. Will post pics when I get some.

Sunday we went to see the little twins again as SP's Mum had not yet seen them and they had come down for my party - bless. We then went to watch the AFL - go the Swans, it was a good game and good to see them win as they haven't been playing well at all.

Later it was off to church and then home to bed - I was very very tired.

Last night we had a leaders meeting at church which was on prayer, it was both encouraging and practical - we had a good time.

This week has been annoying at work because our server went down - Grr but it meant I could do some other things which turned out to be productive and a blessing. We are all up and running now - thank-goodness.

Anyhoo - hope you are all having a great week ;) Please pray as I am quite tired and we have something on EVERY night this week.

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