Monday, May 28, 2007

birthday trivia answers

Here is what you have all been waiting for ;)

1. What time did I get my first birthday message this morning?
a. 3.30am - yes this was someone in England who clearly didn't know the time in Oz!
b. 5.30am
c. 7.30am

2. At my 5th birthday party what did I do?
a. Broke my leg
b. Cut my head open - although vomiting on the cake was a fav answer - I ran into the corner of a counter - Ouch!
c. Vomited all over my cake

3. On my 13th birthday did I?
a. Have an extremely bad hair do
b. Have my forehead burnt by curling tongs
c. Both a and b - tragic but true.

4. What did Scott get me for my birthday?
a. Kitten - I haven't actually got one yet but yes SP gave me a little collar and scratching post. At first I thought it might be for me but no it was so we could get a cat!
b. Laptop
c. A whole bunch of stuff

5. What is the best month to have a birthday?
a. May - true, if you answered a b or c you are correct!
b. May - true
c. May - true

6. What did I get from work as a birthday present?
a. Chocolate Licorice Bullets - (because I am a gun!) - they are licorice coated in chocolate, I am not a fan but SP is so he ate nearly all of them on our road trip.
b. Flowers
c. Other

7. How old am I turning today?
a. 29 - I wish
b. 30 - alas it is true.
c. 40 as it says on my birthday card from work

8. Who's birthday is it tomorrow?
a. My Mum's - it was my Mum's b-day on Friday.
b. My Dad's
c. My sister's

9. Who is older?
a. Nixter
b. SP
C. Methuselah - yes Martha, the one in the bible ;)

10. What is the best thing about birthdays?
a. Cake - correct
b. Getting older
c. Cake - correct

And the winner is (out of all 2 of you who answered)....... dom dom dommmmmmmm

MARTHA - Congratulations. I have a prize for you ;)


Alison said...

So when are you getting the cat??

Martha said...

You're too funny. Good thing I checked your blog, I might have missed out altogether!

Nixter said...

Alison we already saw one but we are still thinking - how cool is that, just after I said to you we won't be getting one ;)

Martha you might have missed out for sure ;)

Alison said...

Well I've never regretted getting a cat, they are lots of fun. It's nice as a couple to have something to look after too.

Bonnie said...

I think I need a cat. I'm getting veeeerrrrry clucky. Even doing creche at church once a week isn't helping any more. I need something to look after.

Pity i'm allergic!

What's SP doing about his cat allergies?

Nixter said...

I think he is not going to touch the cat much but he is only allergic to certain types.

Alison said...

Hey Bonnie, my sister in law ended up with three dogs before she had a child - I think her partner would go and get her one each time she got really clucky! Luckily they are all nice little dogs.

Tracy said...

OOOOooooohhhhhh! How very exciting about the kitten. I'm really surprised. Were you? I hope you can find just the little baby with a good personality and that won't set off SP's allergies.

Phoebe said...

Dear Nixter, I am so happy that you will get to have a kitten. I am looking forward to learning more about him/her.

Monica said...

A very wise decision that SP has made. I'm sure that your cat will come in very handy for you both.

Nixter said...

Thanks Tracy. Monica and Phoebe - I will let you know as soon as we get one.. How fun fun fun!!