Wednesday, May 09, 2007

107 things about me

The below are totally random thoughts that just came to me in no particular order. When there is a list going around I just can't help myself, thanks Soph and Craig.

1. I love purple (like you didn't already know).
2. I also like pink but not as much.
3. Our accountant in our office gave me a Chinese name. Zi Hua which means 'purple flower'.
4. I work for a 'not for profit' Christian organisation.
5. Six months ago I was thinking of leaving.
6. I now love it, we have a new boss and I have much more to do.
7. I had an interview with St George bank.
8. I am glad I didn't get a job with them.
9. God knew best and has blessed me at work.
10. I have soup most days for lunch.
11. Chicken is currently my favourite.
12. I am from England.
13. I have lived in Australia, exactly 3 years tomorrow.
14. I have just started tennis lessons.
15. I have had 3 tennis lessons so far.
16. I think I am getting better.
17. I love playing tennis.
18. I became a Christian at 19 years old.
19. I found my first church in the Yellow Pages.
20. It was a fairly 'dead' Methodist Church.
21. I loved it at the time.
22. My home town in England is Worcester pronounced 'WŎŎS-TER'.
23. My parents still live there.
24. I moved to Kent in 2000 to manage a Optical store for 3 months.
25. I never moved back to Worcester.
26. I worked on Oxford Street in London for about 3 years.
27. I worked as a Retail Manager for a large European Optical store.
28. I miss lots of things about London.
29. I have family in Colorado who I don't get to see much now I live in Australia.
30. I miss them.
31. I love cows, esp the black and white kind.
32. I can't wait to have kids.
33. I am petrified of having kids.
34. SP is an engineer.
35. SP is a great engineer from what I can gather.
36. I really don't know much about engineering.
37. I don't need to know much about engineering as I am not or never will be an engineer.
38. I want a kitten.
39. I am not getting a kitten in the near future.
40. My favourite kinds of holidays are beach and skiing holidays.
41. I go to CIM.
42. I have been going to CIM for almost 3 years.
43. I love palm trees.
44. My friend in Florida sent me a palm tree.
45. The palm tree my friend sent me wasn't a real one but a beanie one.
46. I have it on my desk at work.
47. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
48. When I was 19 I understood that God was my Saviour.
49. It was a while after that when I understood he needed to be and was my Lord.
50. I am 30 in 15 days.
51. My Mum is 50 in 16 days. Shh don't tell her I told you ;)
52. I have two half sisters who I adore.
53. One is 5 and the other one is 8.
54. I love pizza,
55. but roast dinners are my favourite.
56. Goldy taught me how to cook roast chicken dinners for two.
57. I have now perfected the roast beef dinner, with thanks to SP's Mum.
58. I become an Aunt in approx 17 days, not my half sisters (obviously) but SP's sister.
59. I was an only child until I was 21 and thought I would never get married so thought I would never be an Aunt.
60. There are six people who work in our office and two of us are called Nicki/Nikki. How confusing.
61. I love watching 'The Catherine Tate' show.
62. I teach and help out at our churches Adventure Club.
63. I love Adventure Club and all the kids.
64. I used to colour my hair a really dark plum colour.
65. I used to have pink strips at the front of my hair.
66. I now don't colour my hair at all.
67. This is getting hard.
68. I am now a iMac user at home.
69. I like Macs.
70. I wish we used Macs at home.
71. SP is getting used to using a Mac.
72. Can't believed I used 5 points talking about Macs!!
73. I love being able to talk to friends and family on Skype.
74. My Dad now has Skype after I set it up for him at home, he now gets to see me and I can see him and the girls.
75. My Dad is getting married next year.
76. God willing we will be going.
77. I have two tattoos.
78. I don't regret getting them.
79. I am currently reading 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'.
80. I am currently listening to Beyonce's 'B-day' album, it's good to workout too.
81. SP doesn't like R&B but I like most of his music.
82. I like many many types of music, I am open to most.
83. When we lived in Kent, we had cows in the field behind our garden.
84. I got my friends to name them.
85. Mine had a tag on it's ear '306', I called him 'Peugeot'.
86. I have been married for 1 year and 30 days today.
87. I love my hubby.
88. I used to live in the Inner-west I now live on the Northern Beaches.
89. I love living on the Northern Beaches.
90. We try to go to the gym 4 times a week.
91. I would one day like to go and live back in England for a couple of years.
92. I have to keep looking at Soph and Craig's 'things about them' so I can think of more things to write.
93. I have never been to Hillsong but want to go just so I can see what all the hype is about and to also form my own opinion of it.
94. I don't know how to kill someone with my bear hands but Craig does.
95. I really really really would like a black, four door Rav-4.
96. Whenever I go past a Rav-4 I say 'That's a nice car'.
97. I think this gets annoying after a while. Ask SP!!
98. I painted my first canvas' this year and they are up on our walls.
99. I like to start something and see results quickly.
100. I haven't painted any canvas's since the ones on my walls.
101. I want to start doing some more canvas' soon.
102. When I was little I used to watch the World Wrestling Federation with my Nan.
103. Macho Man Randy Savage was my favourite ;)
104. My fav coffee is a hazelnut latte.
105. I don't have a middle name.
106. A girl in my office gave mea middle name = 'rainbow' - weird but true.
107. I just wanted to beat Craig and Soph ;P


Anonymous said...

And you did!!

Cool, you have tattoos. I

I once considered getting one, but I chickened out:)

I like your posts!


CraigS said...

Hey, very cool.

Tattoos?!! Where and what?

Nixter said...

The first one I got is on my stomach - a chinese symbol that means 'friend'. It could mean 'special fried rice' for all I know but I hope it doesn't.
One on my lower back, it is a pattern that I liked - black and red. It doesn't mean anything I just really liked it.

kristina said...

What do you do at work? How did a girl give you a rainbow? I can't pronounce Worcester even with a key. And I have two tattoos too.

Ash said...


Hey, you forgot to mention that you met Ian McKellen (Gandalf from LOTR) when you worked in London. Maybe you didn't list it because some of those "down-underers" could care less about a Brit! JK ;)

Nixter said...

My official title is 'Fundraising and Communications' but I do lots of other stuff too ;) I amended the rainbow one, it didn't make sense. Anyhoo, a girl in the office gave me 'Rainbow' as a middle name ;)

Tracy said...

Wow! And we all thought Priscilla was setting the bar high with 52 things. I don't know if I could every reach 107. I am very curious about Craig's list. I'll have to go check it out.

Nixter said...

Yeah you should check Craigs out, he has also linked to several other people who have done big lists. It wasn't easy but you get on a roll. They weren't the profound things about me, just things that came to mind there and then - it was fun though!