Friday, June 08, 2007

busy busy busy so bullet points it must be

It has been a busy few weeks so I haven't been around on the blogs much, here are some bits and bobs to keep you updated on the going:

- Monday night was our GPS Dinner which I organised it went swimmingly well and I do intend to write a little more on it but maybe later ;)

- Tuesday and Wednesday we had two MTS training days - we had David Jackman from Cornhill out from London (some nice people come from that part of the world ;), I unfortunately didn't get to hear any of his talks as we were too busy organising things for the days but I hear he was very good.

- I have been totally exhausted this week as we have had so much on so I am looking forward to a long weekend away relaxing, knitting and hanging out with my hubby.

- I still can't believe, and neither can my family that Australians get a day off to celebrate the Queen's birthday. In England we don't get a day off for that, this of course isn't a problem for me as I now live here but how very odd we get one and England doesn't!

- We have decided to wait a while to get a cat for a few different reasons ;( Even though I would love one it is the right decision to wait and I am cool with that.

- I am loving Facebook. It has meant I can catch up with a bunch of people from England, particularly people I used to go to church with at All Souls - how exciting is that!

- I just got an email from a girl I used to work with in England, she emailed to tell me about another girl (Jo) I used to work with who has cancer in he oesophagus, stomach and lymph nodes. Please pray for her as she goes though treatment, we haven't been in touch for a long long time but I have asked for her email/number so I can get in touch.

- Ruth's Dad told me he thought my blogger picture was a bit 'sad', I explained I was trying to be 'arty' but maybe it's more 'miserable'? What do you think?

- We get to meet our niece for the first time tonight, I am very very excited ;)

- It's Friday - how good is that!


Lara said...

Did you go to All Souls Langham Place in London? How cool! I've visited there a couple of times. How bizarre - I met a couple from St Matthias Centennial Park! Such a small world. My cousin used to go there when she lived in London. Fantastic church.

Facebook is good for stalking people you meet on blogs too...

Nixter said...

Yeah it was All Souls in London, I went there for about 3 years. It is most certainly a small world, esp in Christian circles too.

Facebook = cool!

Guthers said...

All souls? Cool! I'm a member of their website and you can get HEAPS of free sermons. I posted on my blog this morning that I downloaded one last night by John Stott from 1966! How cool is that?

Nixter said...

That is awesome Guthers - they have such a great library they really do. Do you know another great thing about 1966, it ws the last time England won the world cup in football, I guess it's great that we won it then but not so great that we haven't won it since then!

kristina said...

I don't know what facebook is. My cats wake me up at 5am every morning whether I like it or not (I can't make them stop!). I would celebrate the Queen's birthday if it meant having a day off. And I am sorry about your blogger picture being called sad. (It is making me laugh though.) We artists are often misunderstood.

ps on a serious note I will pray for Jo.

Nixter said...

Thanks for the prayers Kristina, Facebook is a cool way to keep in touch with friends, you can see what they are up too and also write them little messages - you should check it out ;)