Tuesday, June 05, 2007

gordon on mts

Last night was a super night and a big night for GPS/MTS, one of my jobs is working for GPS (Gospel Patron Society - will explain more later) a day or two a week and organising last nights '8th GPS Annual Dinner' has been something we have been thinking about, praying about and discussing for the last few months. Last night it came to fruition. Praise the Lord everything seemed to run smoothly and though I would love to write more it's been a couple of busy days and I am very very tired. BUT all is not lost I came across Gordon's blog a few days ago and have had the pleasure of meeting him as he pops in and out of the office from time to time, SP and I had a lovely chat with him last night and he has written a little something about the evening which I will leave you with until I am less tired to write my own little piece. Enjoy. Gordon on MTS.

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Gordon Cheng said...

A great night!

thanks for your work nixter, and see you at the conference tomorrow.