Sunday, June 24, 2007

put your orders in now

So this morning SP and I went out for breakfast with Dan and Laura and while we were in there one of the ladies who works there asked me where I got my scarf from, I said I made it and she said do you sell them and I said no and she said well if you do leave your name or a card.

She really liked it and wants me to make her one. I felt very honoured that she liked my first new scarf I have ever made. I took her name so I might just make her one OR I will at least let her know the wool I used.

Nixter = might really open Nixter's Knits!


Lara said...

Hurrah! That would be fabulous!!

DJP said...

...I went out for breakfast with Dan

Did not.


Nixter said...


Did :P Dan had eggs and bacon :P

kristina said...

That is so awesome- my first attempt (actually crochet) was a baby blanket that resembled the shape of my state, Minnesota. It was rectangular; almost straight on the left edge, but really warped along the right edge.

are you a perfectionist?

Nixter said...

A little bit yes ;)

Tracy said...

Well, you've already got a cool name picked out. You're halfway there!

Nixter said...

Lara helped me with the name - pretty cool isn't it!