Wednesday, June 20, 2007

church and stuff

I spoke a while ago about a cool sermon one of our student ministers had preached at church called 'We are Family' on the book of Philemon, you can now listen to it here...

On Sunday night we had one of the best sermons I think I have heard in a long time on James 1, it had me in tears at the end I was really appreciative of AB's honesty, you can listen to his talk here... The sermon was on how we should act when facing trials and suffering - IT WAS SO GOOD. I have some things I want to write about church on Sunday but I will do that later... SamR has 5 things to say about church on Sunday!

Last night we went to visit my friend who is in hospital, she has a nasty illness and the drugs she is on haven't been making her better so she was admitted to hospital yesterday and SP and I went to visit her last night, I burned a copy of the talk from Sunday for her, I took some CD's and flowers to cheer her up. When I spoke to her on the weekend she was pretty disheartened as she has had this illness for 7 years and it effects her life pretty badly every 6 months or so. On Sunday night when I heard that sermon I just kept thinking of her and I pray that the sermon will encourage, uplift and help her think about her trials and suffering in a different way. She is a Christian but this illness sometimes makes it hard. She was in good spirits when I saw her last night, sick but in good spirits, she had had a big prayer night, if you think of her please pray.

The storm that was suppose to hit last night hasn't, we were meant to be getting hurricane like weather, there is still a chance it could come in the next 24 hours - so we shall see.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

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