Wednesday, June 20, 2007

hola sandra

Hola Vida/Guapa,

This is a little hello to my beautiful friend Sandra who I used to work with in London, she married a guy who also worked with us 'David John' and now they are expecting their first baby on 5th August. I finally spoke to the lovely Sandra for the first time in a VERY LONG time, it was so nice to chat and I realized how much I miss them and laughing (lathing) with them.

She told me she reads my blog but doesn't know how to comment ;( I am going to email you so you can do it!

I love you guys and miss you heaps.. It was good to chat, we should do it more and you should get Skype..

FAME!!!!!! Besos!!!!


Nixter said...

You click 'Other' and then you can put your name in you don't have to enter a webpage! Then publish your comment!

Anonymous said...

yes!!!! it´s me!!! happy to find out that at the end i can send you a few words just to let you know that i have the biggest belly in town!!!
i´m so excited about the baby, i can´t wait to see his little face...
i did miss u too hun, but it´s nice to know that we don´t forget about each other.
love u fame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nixter said...

Did you get Skype yet?

Anonymous said..., i´m a bit lazy i know. i will do it....maybe.

Nixter said...

Come on then you can actually SEE ME!!!!! SIGN UP SIGN UP!!!