Thursday, July 19, 2007

bit n bobs

As you can see from the pictures below our beautiful niece came to visit us on Saturday - with her Mum and Dad of course ;)

I cooked a roast dinner and we chatted, got cuddles, took a zillion pictures (that was me) and just chilled out. It was lovely to have them over. Jassie is a lot more aware now and starting to smile - she is adorable. We are hoping to go down to SP's parents at the beginning of August - so we will get to see her again then. Yay!

Today I am off and we have the plumber putting in pipes for our internal laundry - at the moment I have to go to a little room at the bottom of our building to do it, this is OK but it will be good to have it all fitted inside so I don't have to go outside lugging wet laundry back and forth. As the plumber was coming early it meant I got up and got half of my housework done before 9am = RESULT! He has to turn the water of though plus I need some cleaning products from the shops so I will have to finish when he is gone.

Tonight I am going to meet Hannah, as I have not seen her for ages and ages. She now goes to morning church so I don't see her in the evenings. She works in an area which has lots of great restaurants so we are going to check one of them out - it will be fun!

My hands are like ice, it is so cold here at the moment, I am talking England cold this last week. I brought a nice bit furry purple blanket on the weekend so in the evenings I have been snuggling under that - it is so warm, soft and cosy.

SP took me to see Transformers (Robots in Disguise)! I went kicking and screaming not really in the mood, like a big brat, as I really wanted to stay home and read Harry P BUT he wanted me to go and so I did. Can I just say it was really good - funny and great special effects, if you are after deep story line - this isn't the film for that but if you are after fun and action with amazing special effects then see this...

Hmmm... what else what else.... Not much else going on!

I hope you all have a great Thursday!


onlinesoph said...

Where did you and hannah go for dinner?

Mmm...always like hearing about yummy places to eat out...

Nixter said...

we went to an Italian Place - it was yummy, can't remember the name but I will find out and let you know ;)