Tuesday, July 24, 2007

to go under or not to go under

I went to the dentist for a clean and a mini check up (which I didn't know I was getting) so it was a surprise when I found out I need to get all of my wisdom teeth out. I thought last year that I was going to get away with not having them out but no such luck...

I hate the dentist- I don't think there are too many people who like going to the dentist but I really really don't like it. I mean once I get there and get injected and stuff it ends up never been as bad as I imagine BUT still I really don't want to have them out...

So now I have to decide - in the chair or out for the count in the hospital? I have heard from people who have had both - neither are all that appealing. I have never been under General before so I don't know what that's like and I hate all the tools they put in your mouth in the chair, they makes me gag, it will be especially bad with wisdom teeth as they are right at the back and not easy to get too.

Please pray that I wouldn't be too scared, I hate things like this and I find it totally freaks me out!


Ruth said...

Praying for you gorgeous. Sorry to hear of the wisdom teeth woes.

Hope you come to a good decision. My brother went into hospital to have his out.

I've never needed mine out - but as I'm missing many second teeth, I'd be pretty surprised if I needed them out....haven't got too many to begin with!

Lara said...

I say get knocked out, particularly if it might be a difficult extraction. Just make sure they put icepacks on your face as soon as you're done and don't wait until you wake up - I think it's a bit late then!

If I have to get mine out, I'll have to get them done in hospital. The roots of my other teeth are quite short (the result of braces) so the dentist could accidentally knock them out as well. Not good!

Whatever you choose, I hope it goes well and that you recover quickly!

Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

Ja, I'll definately pray for you. Pain like that can play on your mind a lot, if you let it get to you.

Nicki said...

thanks for the prayers and advice guys, still not sure what the best thing to do is - will keep yuposted.

Lara - that's not good, don't want all your teeth coming out - yikes!

Bonnie said...

Nixter go for twilight sedation !! It's done in the chair so no big hospital bills, but you are sedated to point of being asleep and feeling nothing. Kinda like a half-strength General IYKWIM?

One dentist quoted me about $1500 to get all four out using twilight sedation, but that varied depending on difficulty of extraction and time under sedation. Still, I think that's cheaper than going to hospital.

I think I have to get mine out soon too :-(

Erica said...

Hi Nixter,

I had mine out two years ago and I say go with the hospital option. You just wake-up and it is done - without having to see a dental chair or the tools. It really wasn't as bad as people told me it would be. Just follow the instructions of the dentist and DO NOT TALK much at all - I was fine on the day but got sore the next day.

Hoep that helps!

God Bless,


PS Make soup beforehand, as well as jelly and custard. You will get sick of sugar, especially since you can't brush your teeth or even wrinse out your mouth.

Nixter said...

Thanks for the top tips Erica, really appreciate them ;)

Erica said...

My pleasure :)