Wednesday, July 04, 2007

to be continued...

.... so this morning 'proper' bus shows up, I got on and see two people running to get on the bus. Bus driving starts to pull away as a man is 'dipping' his bus card, 'dipping' man says 'wait, there are still people to get on', (they were literally only about 10 metres away), I also shout out 'wait' as I didn't hear the man at the front say it and bus driver shouts out 'it's not my fault they are late'. They weren't even late, the bus was a minute or so early - NOT LATE.

Things like that make me so mad so I called up the 1300 number to complain because if that was me (nearly was yesterday - sort of!) I would be so annoyed as buses only come every 30-40 minutes from that bus stop.

I guess you were right Haydn.

It got me thinking that as Christians should we complain or should we go about our business doing 'everything without complaining or arguing' Phil 2:14? . As I worked and kind of still do in customer service for a long long time bad customer service and rudeness really gets me wound up. I often will say something 'complain' if really necessary, but should I? I know this is an extreme example but Jesus who was taken to the cross to die for the sins of the world did so without 'complaining or arguing' and so when I think of that the things that wind me up pale into insignificance.

BUT if someone is treated unfairly or if you receive bad customer service should we say something? I know there are many extremes of someone being treated badly/bad customer and I guess if you see someone beating someone up and you are a guy then you should go and help that person but what about the day to day things like what happened today?

I know there is a way to say things and being rude isn't the answer, we need to be examples and lights for Jesus. So if and when we do complain or state when we are upset then we need to do it in a 'speak the truth in love' manner.

Anyway, just a few thoughts.

What do you think? Is it worth it or should we just walk away.


Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

Hey Nixter, I would say that as long as you're graceful in delivering your complaint, there's no reason why you shouldn't complain. As opposed to grumbling/ whingeing, complaining as I see it is a legitimate response to ill-treatment. Christ also told us to love our neighbours as ourselves, and the bus driver you mention shows contempt for his fellow man.
I reckon your complaint may make Sydney's buses more pleasant, but the proof is yet to be shown.

Scarily, I've noticed that bus drivers tend to be the some of most aggressive and ill-tempered public workers.

Crazyjedidiah said...

I think that complaining in this case was justified. We are encouraged to look out for others. Also Jesus taught that whatever we do for the least we do in fact for God. Would he appreciate the bus waiting for Him? I think he would.

Also you have nothing to complain about having to wait for 30-40 mins because down here I have to wait for two hours if I miss my bus!

onlinesoph said...

Good thought Nixter!! I need to put this into practice.

I just found out my train line (the north shore) has been suspended due to a breakdown...stranded!

Nixter said...

Thanks for the feedback guys, I think you are thinking along the same lines as me - but as Soph said it's putting it in to practice.

Another verse that comes to mind is '
do nothing out of selfish ambition', I guess we need to check our motives too..

Nixter said...

Crazy - the buses used to come nearly every 5 minutes!

blairandkate said...

Nicki i love your thoughts on this. Well working with you every day i think you have a fantastic godly attitude.

You are an extravert as am I and some people express their frustrations inwardly and look like they are not complaing but really they are just dealing with it internally. I know myself as an extra extravert I need to talk through things that go on because that is how I deal with it.

I think both the extravert and in the intravert need to be careful the intravert not to store it up and so become bitter and the extravert to becareful how they talk about the frustration and try not to mention names so as to not fall into the trap of gossip.

If it is possible most of the time we should try not to complain but i think there is a difference between complaining and working through something that got to you so that it does not become a stumbling block and therefore lead to complaining.

Definately praying about these things and reading the word when they happen is good. It is so easy to think things are our right and get on a high horse and we have to becareful not to do that..

These are just my opinions anyway love you lots Nicki

Nixter said...

Great wise godly thoughts Kate, thanks for taking the time to share. Love ya too ;)