Monday, July 23, 2007

spoilt weekend

I was very very spoilt this weekend, two of my beautiful friends Nic B and Mrs Lairdy had told me to keep Saturday free as they had a birthday surprise for me. Yes it was my birthday in May - but if I can still get surprises in July then that is VERY cool!

So SP was told to drop me off at a secret location - where I met up with the girls, they immediately took me to Ella Bache where they had booked me in for an hour massage - it was SO NICE!! An hour later they came and picked me up with a 'Hazelnut Latte' from Starbucks -my favourite and some beautiful Singapore Orchids (like the ones I had in my bouquet - my favourite). They then drove me to the beach where we had a glass of wine and lunch, it was so lovely to hang out with my friends and to be soooooo spoilt... The lunch ended with lattes and a cake to share with a candle and with them singing me Happy Birthday! I loved that they were singing me Happy Birthday in July and everyone around must have thought it was my birthday too - tee hee. It was fun and I felt very special. I love those girls, they are very dear to me and I treasure their friendship.

After that we I went to pick up my 'pre-ordered' copy of Harry Potter 7, couldn't wait to get it open and start reading it so I started in the car and that was where SP lost me for a while, well for an hour or so as we had Goldy and Kym over for dinner and to watch the Swans v the Eagles. I made Shepherd's Pie, we ate chatted, had general good times other than the Swans lost ;( It was fun to have the girls over...

Sunday consisted quite simply of me reading Harry Potter, stopping occasionally for food and water and church but mainly reading. I loved the book, I loved the ending and I have to say I was a little bit teary too. My lovely husband was very patient with me reading all day.

Sad news flash! Ruth and AB are leaving church to go to another church in the Shire, it was announced last night at church. As sad as I am that they will be leaving us I know that this is God's will as he given them this new job. I believe that God has grown our friendship and I pray that he continues to grow it despite the distance. It is very exciting and scary I am sure for the Barry's but I am thankful for both AB and Ruth who have/are serving us well at CIM, the friends that they have become and the gift of sharing in their lovely boys lives ;)

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Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

Wow, that news is sad. AB is a massive asset to lose.