Tuesday, July 03, 2007

follow that bus

They have greatly reduced the number of buses that go from the two roads near where I live and so you have to make sure you are on time to catch the right bus. So this morning I was nice and early and shortly after I arrived a bus turned up, I was about to get on and the bus driver asked where I was going and I told him the city. He said he wasn't going there so I didn't get on and waited for the proper 'I'm going to the city' bus to arrive. As I was waiting three other girls arrived, the bus that I tried to get on moved forward to make room for the 'proper' bus. A few minutes later said 'proper' bus drove right past us all and we just watched it gobsmacked it hadn't stopped!

We looked bewildered at each other for a few seconds and then the other bus driver told us to jump on his bus and he would take us to 'proper I didn't stop at the bus stop to pick you up' bus. We all jumped on and I said 'Follow that Bus'! It was so funny, myself and the other three girls were giggling and about three bus stops later our bus stopped in front of 'proper' bus and we jumped on, explaining that he had forgotten to stop at our stop to pick us up, he apologised and we all took our seats, destination - the city!

The End.


Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

Nixter, I noticed you put "The End" at the end of your story. Unfortunately, I don't think such bad errors by the State Transit Authority will end there. Sydney buses are atrocious.

Nixter said...

Haydn it's sad but very true!!!

Maybe I should have put.

"Not the End"?

Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

:) To be sure, to quote teh Irish.

Priscilla said...

How about "to be continued."?