Sunday, July 01, 2007

life and stuff

I have been busy busy busy..

- Work has been heaps busy and a bit stressful but there is light at the end of the tunnel and all the stress is coming to an end as we have gotten lots done this last week, it's a busy time but God is doing amazing things..

- Thursday was the last Adventure Club of the term, it was fun and we played football (soccer). It was good fun and good to get all warmed up as it was super cold. I took an absolute biff though and I also took 2 kids out with me, not bad considering there were only about 6 there - that's a 1/3. I have a MASSIVE bruise on my arm now - Nice! but it was worth it, we had fun! No children were harmed during my crash with them!

- Yesterday I went to have a make-up trial at the 'MAC' counter, it was fun and I ended up purchasing a few items. Since living in Oz I haven't been wearing much make-up - but I have decided I am going to start wearing it a little more and so it was time for a make-up bag 'make over'.

- I brought 3 CD's yesterday - Pink, Christina Aguilera and Michael Buble's new album = sweet!

- SP has been working really hard, he is working on quite a high profile job and he has a lot of responsibility so he has had a few nights getting home later than usual and he is at work today. It won't be for too much longer but please pray for him as he works his little heart out!

- Because of above I decided to take SP out on a date night last night. I took him to a 'Belgian Beer Cafe' we had muscles, chips and beer = yum, yum and yum! After dinner we came home and watched the Wallabies beat the New Zealanders - Woo Hoot!

- Not much else going on - we are hopefully going to visit a friend who has been sick and is now out of hospital early this arvo and then church tonight, I am looking forward to the next installment on James....

Hope you are all having a super weekend!

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onlinesoph said...

sounds like fun, Nixter:) Must have hurt when you ate the muscles!