Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We have 'Crumpet Control' on our toaster and I used it for the first time today. It doesn't control the number of crumpets we are allowed to eat it controls the temperature so it cooks the crumpets just right.

I found out today that my hubby doesn't like crumpets.

The good news is - I DO like crumpets.

Last night SP and I went to watch 'Fantastic 4 - Rise of the Silver Surfer' - it was a fun movie, a no-brainer action movie and just what we needed.

Tonight I am off to watch the 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' with Ruth and I can't wait. She is having her 5th baby next month so I am hoping she doesn't have it while we are at the movies. I have been present at two births so I guess that almost makes me an expert - she will be in safe hands if she does ;)

SP and I are both having a hard time getting up in the mornings as we are so so tired, we are going to bed pretty early so it's not like we are having late nights - we need a holiday me thinks.

We are going on holiday in September, the first two weeks to New Zealand and I can't wait. A week in Queenstown which is meant to be delightful, maybe some skiing and then driving up to the top of the South Island popping over to the North Island and visiting a good friend who I used to live with in London. Did I mention I CAN'T WAIT? If anyone knows of any places we should check out - let me know!

We haven't been going to the gym and I feel yuck. We are planning our return next week.

No bible study for two weeks, and as much as I love it is good to be able to take a break from preparing for and doing bible study. We have just started the book of Revelation I really enjoy doing this book a lot. In a previous group when I was in we did it and it was fun - challenging but fun. Please pray that we might have wisdom in not getting to drenched in the imagery/symbolism - we want to look at it but not get so involved that we forget the big picture.

It's Wednesday which means I am off tomorrow - WOO HOOT!

Happy Wednesday!


kristina said...

I had to look up "crumpet". I hope you and Ruth have fun at your movie. I am going on a trip for a wedding this Saturday and get to meet Tracy and her husband Denis. They are coming to see me (I think it is 4 or 5 hours from their home)isn't that amazing? I can't believe they would do that for me. I hope GMJ and T will come too.

Libby said...

You should go on the Shotover Jet Boat ride. It is awesome. Sam will agree with me. I also went white-water rafting which was fantastic too, especially the helicopter ride to get to the start of the course. The Shotover Jet is the best though!

Nixter said...

Thanks Kristina - we had a lot of fun ;) How fun you are going to meet Tracy and Denis, say hi to them for me ;)

Nixter said...

Yeah Libby - I saw you can do both those things and they look like so much fun. I think they will have to go on the list - thanks ;)