Friday, July 06, 2007

celebrity spot

I was just on the phone to my friend and waiting to have hot choc with another friend when lo and behold, Mr Oscar Winner Russell 'Gladiator' Crowe of Gladiator/Beautiful Mind fame and his son walked passed me.

When I lived in London I used to see famous people quite frequently but I haven't seen so many since being here. Eric Bana and some minor TV stars is all, but I think Russell is a good one to add to my 'celebrity spotting's'.


Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

I used to see him a bit at Broadway. I think he likes to go to its shopping centre.
The thing that I like about Aussies is that when they see celebs, they tend less to get all worked up than people in the US. To us, celebs are just like everybody else.

Ruth said...

I saw an aussie actor on Friday in the supermarket.....but I can't remember his name - one of those guys that's in all the aussie movies as minor parts - I told the boys - that's a famous actor - and they looked at me blankly as if to say 'yeah, so what mum'!!!!

Yeah, it was kind of a 'so what' moment really. Russell on the other hand is genuine fame spotting!

Andy M said...

Wow! The big Russ! I have a view of Russ's Wolloomoolo apartment from my office, but I've never seen him!

When I was in London earlier this year my bit of celeb spotting was Miss London-It-Girl herself, Sienna Miller. I saw her at a red carpet premiere for her latest movie in Leicester Square. I was walking past and saw the crowds and the red carpet so hung around to see who would eventually emerge from a limo. I even managed to get some shots!

Nixter said...

I know quite a good one eh... When I lived just outside London my friend and I decided to go into Leicester Square to watch a movie. We rock up and there are heaps of people around, the BAFTAS - the UK OSCARS. We went into Burger King (classy) to watch all the people show up on the red carpet.. We saw heaps of people - it was fun. I called my Mum and was telling her all the people I could see.

Anonymous said...

where did you see him?

-soph g