Friday, July 27, 2007


Yesterday was as follows:

Clean house - check.
Do clothes washing - check.
Do food shopping minus falling over in front of strangers and getting big bruise on right knee - check.
Have laundry and cabinet installed - check.
Play tennis with friend - check.
Beat said friend at tennis - check.
Go out for dinner with SP even though I didn't know he was going to take me out and it was a nice surprise - check.
Speak to Caroline who is getting married tomorrow - check.

Sooooo, yesterday was pretty crazy but I got heaps done - Hurrah for me!

I went rummaging around in our garage yesterday to find my old journals and voila - I found them. For some reason I have about four journals (none of which are full) from various times over the last 8 years, why I started new ones without finishing others I have no idea! Anyhoo, I flicked through them and found some of my entries from when I first arrived in Oz, it was cool to see how God has answered prayers and I must share some of them with you when I get time to sit and type a few out.

It can be so easy to forget the ways in which God has worked in my life, sometimes I wonder if and how I have changed so looking back was cool, I intend on going back and reading them over the next few days/weeks. Some of them are quite powerful prayers - I could hardly believe it was me, I mean the Holy Spirit (through me) who wrote them!

I used to be really good about writing in journals, I am not talking everyday but it was a heck of a lot more than I have done since being married. Please pray that I might be committed to writing things down, I find I articulate myself so much better when writing prayers and such down.

Journaling is a great way to Praise God, to come before him in prayer and to look at how he works in your life, I thoroughly recommend it.

Do you journal?

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Tracy said...

I don't. I have only tried a few times. I did write mostly prayers when I did it.